Convenience Store Loans

Convenience stores are an incredibly important part of the American economy, producing a staggering $300 billion of in-store sales in 2019 alone. Right now, there are over 200,000 convenience stores in the United States, and that number is likely to increase in the next few years as the U.S. population continues to grow. Whatever your convenience store financing needs are, MCL is ready and waiting to help. We provide convenience store financing for:
  • Standalone convenience stores
  • Drive-up/drive-through stores
  • Individual or franchise stores
  • Convenience stores with limited food service
  • Investor-owned or owner-occupied stores

Convenience Store Loan Terms

In general, our convenience store loan terms include:
  • Loan Size:$500,000+
  • Loan Purpose: Loan can be used for property acquisition or refinancing, for business only-financing
  • Loan Term: 3, 5, 10 and 15-year terms
  • Amortization: 15, 20, 25 and 30-year options
  • Leverage: 80% allowance (subordinate debt allowed)
  • DSCR: 1.40 minimum
  • Credit Score Requirement: 660 minimum

SBA Loans for Convenience Stores

  • As low as 10% equity requirements


PCF offers loans through two major Small Business Administration programs. This chart can help you identify which type of financing might be appropriate for your business.
Loan or Line of Credit Term loan from $200,000 – $5,000,000
Ideal for For-profit businesses and experienced business owners starting a business
Benefits Offers flexibility, longer terms, and lower down payments compared to other types of business financings
Use of Funds ·Purchase of land or buildings, new construction expansion or conversion of· existing facilities·  Purchase of equipment, machinery, FF&E or inventory·Long-term working capital· Refinancing existing business indebtedness
Rate Information  Generally offers a variable rate, but sometimes maybefixed·Maximum variable rate is Prime + 2.75%

Loan or Line of Credit   Term loan from $150,000 – $6,000,000 (Maximum of $5,000,000 for public policy and$5,500,000 for small manufacturers)
Ideal for   Businesses with a net worth of $15 million or less and average net income of greater than $5 million over the past two years
Benefits   Offers long term financing for long-term fixed assets
Use of Funds · Purchase of commercial real estate, expansion of existing operations, funds to help the local economy create jobs or purchase of machinery or equipment
Rate Information · The fixed-Rate Loan rate is set when debenture is sold