Get on-demand access to a line of credit to fund your business!

With multiple Line of Credit options available, Market Capital Lending makes it easy to get flexible and revolving access to funds when you need them most.

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Draw the funds you need with the click of a button.


No fees for opening, maintaining, prepayment, or account closure.


Get the right credit limit for your business size at any stage.

Funding that's Fast and Flexible.

Your business is always evolving. Market Capital Lending gives you access to a financial product with the flexibility to evolve with it. Our Revolving Line of Credit provides the max loan approval, a fixed loan term up to 36 months, and a fixed weekly payment – plus the flexibility to pay down or borrow additional funds on an unlimited basis! You only pay for what you use and you’re in complete control based on your unique business needs that may change over time! Market Capital provides early payoffs without penalty anytime during the loan!

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We help you find the best product fit for your needs.

Line of Credit

A traditional Line of Credit (LOC) is well-suited for businesses seeking financial flexibility with occasional capital needs. This financing option provides a fixed credit limit, allowing businesses to draw funds as needed. It’s ideal for covering short-term expenses, managing cash flow fluctuations, or seizing unforeseen opportunities. Businesses with predictable and periodic financing requirements, such as seasonal fluctuations or specific project funding, can benefit from the structured nature of a Line of Credit. With interest only on the amount borrowed, it provides a cost-effective solution for maintaining liquidity without committing to a long-term loan.

Revolving Line of Credit

A Revolving Line of Credit (Revolving LOC) is tailored for businesses that require ongoing access to capital for various purposes. Unlike a traditional LOC, a Revolving LOC allows borrowers to repeatedly borrow and repay funds, up to a pre-approved credit limit. This dynamic financial tool is advantageous for businesses facing continuous operational needs, such as inventory management, working capital requirements, or ongoing expansion projects. It offers the flexibility of borrowing, repaying, and re-borrowing without the need to reapply for the credit line. For businesses with fluctuating funding needs and a desire for constant financial adaptability, a Revolving Line of Credit serves as a strategic and responsive financing solution.

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